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Steve Webber

Steve Webber

Insurance Broker

Aloha! Steve has been an independent insurance agent (broker) for over 35 years, is a Registered Health Underwriter (RHU) and enjoys working with each client to make sure they are properly protected. Also, that they understand their insurance. Steve is always available to answer your questions and to take the time to help understand your unique situation. Away from work Steve enjoys spending time with his business partner and wife Karen, playing baseball, working in the yard and enjoying all of God’s creation.



Insurance Agent

Karen has been working in the insurance industry for over 30 years. She began with property and casualty insurance and then moved into the health, life and group benefits arena and truly enjoys helping people understand insurance. She likes sewing and painting and the expression of creativity those hobbies bring. She is happy in her craft loft repurposing her husband’s old Tommy Bahama shirts into Aloha attire for work. Reading is her passion and she can often be found in an outdoor lounge chair reading her Kindle and enjoying the sunshine.

Kathy 2


Customer Service Representative

Kathy came to Aloha in 2015 and her cheerful morning greetings have resonated through the office ever since. She is a teacher at heart and enjoys helping others understand health, life, dental and vision insurance using everyday language. Her warmth makes her your instant friend. She is also the luckiest member of our team. She frequently wins prizes and raffles. Family is very important to Kathy and she is blessed to have both her parents, in their 90’s, still living. She enjoys coloring, cooking and spending time with friends to relax.



Insurance Agent

Kelly joined the insurance industry in 2004 and we welcomed her to the Aloha Team in 2011. She’s solar powered, a mother to 3 girls, a cancer survivor and proud supporter of the The Leukemia Society. She loves hiking, bike rides, family BBQ’s and the beach. She specializes in Auto, Home and Business Insurance and gained her CISR insurance designation (Certified Insurance Service Representative) in 2012. On the weekends, you will find Kelly and her husband Eric exploring the beautiful sights of San Diego.

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Customer Service Representative

Pam joined the Aloha Team in 2021. She enhances the Aloha experience for our customers with her warmth and compassion. When not working, Pam and her husband enjoy watching football, mysteries, playing with their dog, and having quality time with their adult children and grandkids! Pam also loves to study the bible, crochet, travel, and live close to the beach.



Nickolas is one of two office cats. He can be found wandering from desk to desk looking for belly rubs and a comfortable place to nap. Anything that moves becomes his new toy. He works about one day per week and is hoping to put in enough hours to join the office vision plan.


Holly Berry

Holly Berry is a whirlwind of movement and activity. Don’t let the photo fool you. Being much smaller than her brother she has no fear of tackling him and taking him down. It should be noted that Nickolas is a big mush and allows her to do so—every time. She loves to climb and is sometimes found where she shouldn’t be making the adventure all the more fun. She often makes the Aloha Team laugh with her silliness. For now she works about one day per week but that might increase if she shows interest in putting in more hours.