Health Insurance

Health Insurance protects your health and your pocketbook.  Choose from a wide range of health plans.

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Affordable Health Care plan have your confused?  You’re not alone.  Aloha stands ready to walk you through the choices available to you no matter what your situation.

Thinking about having a baby?  The time to plan for those expenses is now.

Did you know that unless you have a “Life Event” the only time you can apply for health insurance is the fourth quarter for a January 1 effective date.  The Affordable Care Act added a lot of new rules and regulations to an already confusing system.  But no worries.  The dedicated Aloha Team will quickly get you in the know so you can plan for the health of your family or business.

HMO? PPO, EPO? POS?  What does that mean anyway?  The friendly professionals at Aloha simplify terms putting you in charge of making the best decision for your budget and situation.

Aloha is appointed with all traditional insurance carriers and offers Medi-share as a viable and affordable product option.

Medicare Supplements
Turning 65?  Aloha offers a wide variety of products to help you sail into your Medicare years. As you approach age 65 you will be inundated with information from insurance companies all claiming to be the best for you. Here at Aloha, we listen to your story and help you find the best product for your needs and budget. We LOVE explaining your choices because usually, we get to give you good news about your health insurance costs.